Project Backround

The new major electricity transmission line is set to come through the City of Melton, to deliver power generated from windfarms in Bulgana in western Victoria, to Sydenham in Melbourne’s north-west.

This is not a Council project and we do not have a role in determining the corridor or approving the project for the proposed transmission lines.

The project is the subject of an Environment Effects Statement (EES) approval process that is the responsibility of the Minister for Planning and is being overseen by the Department of Environment. Details about this process can be found at Planning Victoria website.

This is a privately delivered project in which the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has appointed Ausnet/Mondo to construct and operate the transmission line. Approvals including EES will be considered by the Victorian Government.

Council acknowledges that the transmission lines are critical infrastructure for the future expansion of Victoria’s renewable energy generation capacity and have many potential benefits for our community and the entire state.

However, the process and information to support a decision on a final route needs to be well considered, including a genuine level of engagement with impacted landowners.

Where will the Transmission Line be located?

On 24 February 2021, AusNet Services announced further details about the possible corridor options for the transmission line through the City of Melton. You can view the corridor option here.

This includes details of proposed Community Consultation Groups and advice of planned community information sessions and notices to landowners located within and near the proposed transmission line corridor.

Council has requested that AusNet consider providing more accurate details of the corridor location on its website and communicate clearly with the community.

What is Council doing?

Melton City Council is working closely with other affected councils, including Moorabool Shire Council, Hepburn Shire Council and the City of Ballarat.

Specifically, we have advocated for improvements to the consultation program to better engage with residents and provide more transparency. We have also asked for clear, open and genuine engagement with affected landowners on the information that has informed the narrowing of the corridor through the City of Melton.

We have also advocated for Ausnet to undertake a full assessment to determine the route of least impact including consideration of undergrounding of the powerlines, particularly in sensitive areas.

Council will continue to advocate for the best information to be made available to ensure our community are placed in an informed position to assess how they may be impacted by this project.

We have been receiving enquiries from residents who may be affected by this project and we have done our best to ensure their information needs have been met.

Whilst Council does not have any role in the approval project our role is to advocate on behalf of residents to achieve the best outcome for our community.

What can you do?

For more information or to raise any concerns, we encourage you to contact AusNet directly via or by calling 03 9021 0674 and providing them with your thoughts and feedback on the project.

We strongly encourage everyone, whether the project directly impacts you or not, to visit: to see the area of interest and highlight the locations that are important to you.