Council is committed to diverting waste from landfill and a key part of this is ensuring residents know how to use and know about Council's waste services.

The information collected via the survey was important, as your contributions helped to paint a clearer picture of where we need to focus our efforts so that we not only provide a service that meets the needs and expectations of our community, but also a service that helps to achieve the most economically and environmentally sustainable outcomes for the City of Melton.

The survey was conducted via telephone and online. The survey conducted via telephone was not an automated interview. Market Facts conducted the survey on behalf of Council and introduced themselves inviting participation, prior to going through the approved survey template.

Online Survey

Please note: The Melton Waste Services Behaviour Survey was scheduled during November and December 2020.

For further information about the Survey please contact our Waste Services Team on 9747 7200.

Council spoke with a sample of local residents to determine community awareness of the various methods of disposing of household waste; specific to kerbside garbage, recycling and garden waste bins. The aim of the survey was to assess the community’s usage of, satisfaction with, and current knowledge of Council's current waste services and any other possible future services.

Community engagement and understanding of community knowledge is instrumental in helping to further shape and inform the actions and initiatives of Council for the successful rollout of a changed waste service.

Market Facts is a reputable Queensland-based market research consultancy catering to both the government and private sectors, they conduct a range of surveys including phone, postal, online and face-to-face surveys, as well as many other services, to assist their clients in identifying knowledge gaps and issues.

The telephone numbers are drawn from the electronic White Pages - through a subscription which is renewed by Market Facts every couple of years. In instructing Market Facts to undertake this survey Council provides general locations and maps for the area. Market Facts then ‘drills it’ down to suburbs, streets, postcodes, telephone prefixes to draw out the numbers.

The telephone numbers (only - no other details) are supplied to the interviewers and they are worked through in a certain way to ensure random sampling of numbers on the list.

The survey aimed to engage 300 residents and phone numbers are called at random until this quota is met. The number of phone numbers called depended on how many people either do not answer or refuse to complete the survey.

No - residents can refuse to participate or request a call back if it is an inconvenient time.

The information is collected to assess the demographics of the residents surveyed and to ensure a reasonable cross-section of the community is surveyed. Market Facts adheres to the Privacy Act and Code of Ethics advocated by the Australian Market and Social Research Society and the Quality Procedures advocated by Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO).