This exciting child-led program explores children’s perception of their city as it grows and changes.

Asking the questions like "what is it like to live in the City of Melton? and "why is it your home?", children have been exploring what they treasure most about where they live, and have been learning about each other’s experience.

Our artistic partners, Playable Streets, have led students through an exciting range of practical online activities as well as school and community workshops to help them think about these questions.

This year-long project culminates in an interactive exhibition launched at CS Gallery during Children’s Week happening in October 2021, to which all participants will be invited to attend and see their work on show.

Check out our interactive online kids gallery!

An image showing bright and colourful drawings of the city, created by children in the City of Melton

Front page of the online gallery

The Skylines and Storylines Online Gallery is now live! This interactive gallery presents and connects the wonderful drawings from children across the City of Melton, showing their favourite local place through their own eyes and creativity.

For the online gallery, drawings were collected from December 2020 to April 2021, through faciliated art workshops with Playable Streets and via online submissions to Melton City Council.

Enjoy a tour of the city through the eyes of the children who live here. Explore the interactive art gallery, and click on a few different artworks to see a range of interactive drawings. You might discover a local place that looks familiar, maybe it's one of your favourite parts of Melton too?

Community and school arts workshops on now

Playable Streets and the City of Melton are now collaborating with four local schools and over 400 students in workshops to create more art works about how the children see Melton. Ideas and some of the images from school workshops and online artwork will then be translated into an immersive audio and visual arts exhibition experience at CS Gallery. You might like to do your very own workshop by following the video below. You will need coloured pencils and paper to participate.

Check out the workshop video:

Join us at the Skylines and Storylines exhibition during Children's Week 2021

All participating students of the Skylines and Storylines project will be invited to attend the exhibition opening and see how their ideas and artworks were translated into an immersive audio and visual arts exhibition experience at CS Gallery. The exhibition will launch during Children's Week, 23 - 31 October.