Project Overview

We are committed to developing a vibrant arts community, and to meet that goal, there is a need for a high quality, benchmarked public art master plan.

Melton City Council has engaged consultants Creative Road Art Projects who recognise the different integrated layers; community education and engagement, placemaking, night/day activation, liveability, diversity, inclusion and fostering the local arts sector.

Our Public Art Master Plan will support our city to grow into a vibrant creative place with distinctive and authentic cultural experiences, from small scale initiatives through to major city shaping projects. The plan will enable a broad range of engaging and inspiring public art experiences for community benefit and to drive opportunities for the City’s economic growth.

This is an opportunity to support public art best practice and design excellence in one of Australia’s fastest growing municipalities - enhancing liveability and the distinctiveness of Melton as a place. Melton City Council’s public art masterplan is being developed in close consultation with key stakeholders and is scheduled for completion in September 2022.