At its meeting held 21 December 2020 Melton City Council resolved to publicly advertise and seek submissions for a minimum of 28 days on the following proposed Councillor and Mayoral allowances:

  • Councillor $31,444 per annum
  • Mayor $100,434 per annum

These annual allowances were proposed for adoption at the meeting of Council scheduled for Monday 15 March 2021.

The community was invited to make a written submission on the proposed Councillor Allowance or Mayoral Allowance and must have done so before 5pm on Wednesday 10 February 2021.

Submissions were considered in accordance with section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989 at a meeting of the Section 223 Submissions Advisory Committee of Council held at 7pm on Monday 15 February 2021 via a videoconference.

Any person who wished to speak at this Section 223 Submissions Advisory Committee meeting in support of their written submission must have requested this in their submission.

For more information please contact either Christine Denyer, Manager Legal & Governance or John Whitfield, Governance Coordinator on 9747 7200 or email: