Project Background

As part of the Moving Melton: Integrated Transport Strategy, we're analysing and improving existing pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure, as well as planning for future pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure to promote active travel options for all users in the City of Melton.

We asked for your feedback to help us identify barriers to walking and cycling and suggest improvements and will review your feedback.


We've identified a number of areas we can improve to help make walking and cycling safe, convenient and accessible for cyclists and pedestrians, including people with a mobility impairment. These include new paths and connections and road safety improvements.

We asked for your feedback using the map, by dropping a pin on a road or path to let us know

  • improvements that can be made to existing walking and cycling paths
  • suggestions for new paths
  • infrastructure suggestions related to walking and cycling such as additional seating, water fountains, bike parking or lighting
  • additional things you want to tell us about you experience walking and cycling in the City of Melton

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions.

If you know of a Council asset that needs repairing, please report it directly to us via email, call 9747 7200 or use our online form.

This webpage will be updated as works progress to keep residents informed. To be notified of updates, create an account and select follow at the top of the page.