Project background

As our municipality grows, our maintenance service areas in parks, open spaces, sports grounds and roads require updating to ensure we are meeting the needs of our everchanging communities.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to help inform us about areas in which you think need more services and maybe less in others.

From 1 July 2022, Council will enter into four separate contracts that will provide more tailored and effective services across the City of Melton, replacing the previous maintenance schedule under one contractor. You can read more on our website.

Important note

Some parts of our municipality are maintained by other organisations. As a result of this, these parts of our community are not able to be considered for service changes by Council. These include:

  • Water ways (excluding Caroline Springs Lake and a section of waterway in Botanica Springs in Brookfield)
    • These are maintained by Melbourne Water
  • Major roads including highways and freeways
    • These are maintained by Vic Road
  • Some parks are currently mainted by developers.

This webpage will be updated as works progress to keep residents informed. To be notified of updates, create an account and select follow at the top of the page.

Current service areas: Parks

Our current service allocations relating to parks are as follows

  • Maintenance of 87,000 street trees (does not include trees located in parks)
  • Planting of an average of 4000 trees per year
  • Planting of an average 20,000 plants per year
  • Installation of around 8000 cubic meters of mulch per year
  • Maintenance of 34 sports grounds (includes AFL, cricket, soccer, athletics, rugby)
  • Maintenance of 136 items of fitness equipment
  • Maintenance of 919 light fittings across 77 parks (does not include sports grounds)
  • Maintenance of over 10,000 items of public furniture (includes seating, tables, bins, bollards, doggy bag stands and signs within parks)
  • Maintenance of 8 skate parks
  • Maintenance of 4 dog parks
  • Maintenance of 13.7 million sq meters of open space
  • Spends $9 million on open space, tree, sports ground maintenance per year (does not include renewal programs)
  • Maintenance of 190 playgrounds (includes child care centres)

Current service areas: Civil

Our current service allocations relating to civil areas are as follows

Length of Kerb and channel


Length of pipe drainage


Length of footpath and shared pathways


Length of Sealed Roads


Length of unsealed roads


Items of street furniture

25000+ items of furniture

Area of crack seal on sealed roads


Length of maintenance grading of roads


Area of footpath replacement


Area of footpath maintenance


Percentage of sealed road resurfacing


Percentage of gravel roads resheeting


Number of traffic control devices


Number of bridges


Number of stormwater pits/major culverts


Total calculated value of road assets


Annual maintenance costs (road)


Total calculated value of drainage assets


Annual Maintenance costs (drainage)


Total annual maintenance expenditure


Percentage of council's total annual budget