Melton City Council has reviewed public car parking demand and patterns in the Melton Town Centre and is proposing changes that respond to the way employees, shoppers and visitors are using the parking.

A car parking study found that the current number of public car parking spaces in the Melton township area (surrounding High Street, between Station Road and Yuille Street) met the need during the peak demand, but that more of the spaces needed to change to four-hour spaces.

The proposed changes aim to make it easier for the community to make the most of the shops, eateries and services in the area.

We're proposing to:

  • change 266 parking spaces from two-hour to four-hour
  • change 90 parking spaces from unrestricted to four-hour
  • change three two-hour car parking spaces to two Disabled parking spaces

Have your say

We invited feedback on Council's proposal to change some of the car parking limits within the Melton Town Centre.

We would like to thank everyone who shared their views on this matter.

A total of 54 responses were received which are summarised below.

Some businesses:

  • supported the 4 hour parking limits as the short term parking spaces (1 and 2 hour) did not cater for their needs
  • did not support the proposal to convert parking on McKenzie Street from unrestricted to 4 hour
  • who rely on short term customer parking did not support increasing the time limit from 2 hour to 4 hour
  • were concerned that increasing the time limit from 2 hour to 4 hour may lead to staff parking in these areas
  • requested additional short term parking over and above the current provision
  • did not support the proposal to increase the parking limit from 2 hour to 4 hour in the vicinity of the Post Office.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact this has had on our Community, Council has postponed the implementation of any changes at this time.

Council will reassess and review the Melton Town Centre parking arrangements in the future and re-engage with the business community when this project recommences.

For further information, contact our Senior Traffic and Transport Engineer, Tom Lay on 9747 7200.