Project background

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback on the Road Management Plan. Feedback closed Friday 14 May.

Melton City Council undertook a review of its Road Management Plan (RMP) in accordance with Section 54 of the Road Management Act 2004.

The RMP provides all road users an overview of Council's road management and maintenance practices, of which we manage 1248km (sealed and unsealed roads). Specifically, the RMP defines:

  • The road network and supporting infrastructure which Council manages and maintains on behalf of its community
  • The responsibilities of Council in relation to the management of road assets
  • Levels of service in relation to the maintenance of road assets
  • Policies and procedures in relation to the ongoing risk inspection of Council’s road assets
  • Intervention levels and associated response times for Council to address road defects

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Monday 07 June 2021, Council’s Road Management Plan 2021-25 was adopted.

The Road Management Plan can be downloaded on the Council website or can be inspected at Council's Civic Centre, 232 High Street, Melton.

Your feedback

The purpose of the RMP review is to ensure that Council’s road infrastructure are safe, efficient and appropriate for use by the community. The plan outlines Council’s responsibilities, current inventory, asset hierarchy, as well as the priorities given to inspection and maintenance to ensure these standards for Melton City Council roads.

Feedback closed at 5pm Friday 14 May 2021. Feedback will be responded to individually where requested, and online.