Project background

We have developed a Cricket Strategy that outlines the priorities and actions to support the sustainable growth of cricket in the City of Melton.

We encourage everyone to read it and provide feedback and comments. We will take these into consideration before finalising the strategy,

The amount of growth and change likely to be experienced across the City of Melton by 2032 is significant. The Cricket Strategy has been developed to help plan for this change, providing Council with a plan that is supported by evidence and flexible over time.

The development of the Cricket Strategy supports the cricket community by:

  • Ensuring new communities have the right number and type of facilities to support the growth of cricket
  • Prioritising investment in facilities that support the creation of vibrant and sustainable clubs
  • Collaborating with clubs and associations to provide diverse participation opportunities
  • Working in partnership with government, developers, Cricket Australia and Cricket Victoria to fund and deliver priority projects
  • Addressing legacy issues with existing facilities and clubs, and ensuring equitable opportunities to participate locally

Have your say

We encourage everyone to download the Draft City of Melton Cricket Strategy 2022-2032 and provide your comments and feedback by Friday 30 September.

Please include your name and contact details so we can contact you if we need further information.