Project background

Creamery Road was an unsealed rural road running through the township of Toolern Vale and is the only access to Toolern Vale & District Primary School. This project has improved conditions for all users.

The project scope of works included:

  • Reconstruction of Creamery Rd from Burtons Rd to Diggers Rest – Coimadai Road
  • Reconstruction of on-street parking at Toolern Vale & District Primary School
  • Roundabout at the intersection of Creamery/ Burtons/ Mechanics Rd with public lighting
  • Footpath from Creamery Rd connecting to Mechanics Rd and the Toolern Vale General Store
  • Speed humps
  • Service alterations
  • Landscaping

This project is being fully funded by the Australian Government as part of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

This webpage will be updated as works progress to keep residents informed. To be notified of updates, create an account and select follow at the top of the page.

Project updates

Council has collated and responded to the feedback received. The consultation report and consultation summary can be found in the document library.

The tender for Reconstruction of Creamery Road from Burtons Road to Diggers Rest – Coimadai Road and Construction of Roundabout at the intersection of Creamery/Burtons/Mechanics Road has been awarded with works commencing in mid of April and completion expected by end of June 2022.

In order to enable the construction works, some trees identified as low and moderate retention value in Arborist assessment will be removed. The project team looked at various options to retain the trees but unfortunately some loss of trees could not be avoided. These tree removals shall be offset by planting 15 new trees as part of the landscaping improvement. The layout plan showing tree removals and additions has been added in the document library.

The project is complete except Landscape works, which will commence and be completed in September 2022.

Frequently asked questions

It is anticipated that this project will take 2-3 months to construct after service relocation.

We will seek to mitigate disruptions as much as possible. The majority of the works will occur during work hours. We will carry out works during the school holidays where possible.

Changes in traffic conditions will be communicated through signage. Local residents will be informed via letter drop of specific impacts during construction and we will provide ongoing project updates online on this webpage.

We have engaged the help of an arborist to assist with the design and as a result, the vast majority of the trees will be retained. Unfortunately, four trees will require removal for the construction of a new footpath. New tree plantings will be delivered to help offset the tree loss.

Yes, Council has been undertaking design for these other roads as well, however, funding from the Australian Government has only been granted for the construction of this section of Creamery Road. The budget for the construction of Burtons Road, Mechanics Road, and the rest of Creamery Rd is in Council’s Capital Works plan for the 2027/2028 financial year.

Yes, as per the feedback received in 2018, the road will consist of a sealed surface with open grassed swale drains with no kerb and channel. However, the section of Creamery Rd involved in this stage will be mostly kerbed due to safety and site constraints.

There will be lighting at the proposed roundabout to Australian Standards. No lighting is proposed along the rest of the roadway.