Project background

We are upgrading Bulmans Road.

Bulmans Road is an important link within the City of Melton. It connects the suburbs of Harkness and Melton West to the township of Melton, Woodgrove Shopping Centre and the Western Freeway. Currently the two schools along Bulmans Road, Catholic Regional College (CRC) and St Catherine of Siena Primary School, generate significant traffic volumes resulting in safety and congestion concerns. This project will help address these concerns for all users, including pedestrians.

The project scope of works will include:

  • Urbanisation of Bulmans Road (kerbs, underground drainage, centre median islands)
  • Road widening and realignment
  • Additional services roads
  • Formalised on-Street parking
  • Shared paths and footpath links
  • Cyclist lanes and links
  • Landscaping
  • Public lighting realignment
  • Underground services relocations (electricity, water, gas, and communications)

This webpage will be updated as works progress to keep residents informed. To be notified of updates, create an account and select follow at the top of the page.

Project updates

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. The consultation report and consultation summary is now available in the document library.

February 2023

Powercor will be undertaking service relocations for this project between March and August 2023.

Minimising tree removal is always a priority for us, however the removal of trees is necessary to complete these works. In order for the Powercor works to be completed, approximately 40 trees will need to be removed along Bulmans Road between High Street & Westlake Drive. A further 40 trees will be removed during the road construction over both stages. The majority of these trees are currently in poor condition.

We will be offsetting the removal of these trees with new landscaping including 341 new trees & thousands of tube stock. You can view the Detailed Landscaping Plans under the document library.

July 2022

Council has encountered a delay in the delivery of the Bulmans Road Urbanisation project. Council is currently finalising an agreement with Powercor for them to relocate the existing powerpoles and underground infrastructure to accommodate the delivery of Council’s Road Project. The agreement outlines a 6 month lead time before they can mobilise on site to commence the relocation works. The project timeline has been updated to reflect these changes.

Traffic Modelling on Bulmans Road

Existing road conditions

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Proposed changes

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Frequently asked questions

It is anticipated that each stage will take around five to six months to construct after service relocation.

We will mitigate disruptions as much as possible. We expect lane closures will be required for the duration of works.

Some key components of construction will be undertaken during the school holidays.

Lane closures will be communicated ahead of time through electronic roadside signage and on the Council website.

Schools will be notified in advance.

The majority of the work will occur during work hours, however some night works will occur to avoid having to close multiple lanes during peak traffic times. While construction noise is inevitable for the nearby residents, a curfew will be imposed on the noisiest machinery to avoid disruptions to sleep.

Changes in traffic condition will be communicated through roadside electronic message boards and our website. Local residents will be informed via letter drop. We will keep the local schools informed of progress too.

This intersection and road re-alignment cannot be upgraded without expanding the road footprint through additional lanes, which require the removal of several mature trees.

We experimented with reducing the length, width and alignment of these lanes to mitigate losses and we also engaged the help of an arborist to assist with the design.

As part of this project Council will delivering extensive landscaping and new tree plantings and garden beds will be delivered offsetting the tree loss.

This road does not need duplicating for the foreseeable future. The traffic modelling undertaken to date has optimised the road layout within the constrained road reserve width. Future traffic volumes have been taken into consideration.

The Department of Transport have identified this location as a possible site for an interchange. We are advocating for the delivery of this project. No date has been set by the Department of Transport and you can make further enquires relating to this project with them.

Our intersection design has taken into consideration the future interchanges existence.

Options to increase parking supply is limited however the project aims to provide 100 car spaces on Bulmans Road in a safe and orderly manner. Further car parking is identified on the surrounding road network within a short walking distance. Further information can be found on our website