The Council and Community Alcohol (Liquor) Policy Framework was adopted by Council on 18 December 2017. The Framework strives to lead an efficient coordination of alcohol policy and management arrangements for the City of Melton.

Developed with a public health promotion focus and with a clear intention to reduce the harms that can come from alcohol in all settings where alcohol might be consumed, the policy is considered to be of relevance to almost everyone in our community.

A series of guidelines will be developed in consultation with the hospitality industry and the broader community to assist in implementing the Policy. The development of these guidance notes, which will be service and settings specific, are recognised as being of critical importance in realising the positive design, health promotion and harm minimisation aspirations of the adopted Policy.

Not all settings where alcohol is sold or consumed are the same. Adopting a settings and cultures based approach will improve clarity for people who are:

  • applying for a liquor licence or planning permit
  • an event organiser who plans to serve or supply alcohol

The guidelines are anticipated to streamline and clarify processes for all involved, including the community.

Various aspects of the Policy tools will be accessible to parents, students, community groups, schools and event planners, as well as potential applicants for liquor licences. We hope that much of the content will be useful whether you are planning a 21st birthday, setting up a new business venture or just want to know more about alcohol harms.

The Guidelines will incorporate relevant Legislative requirements as well as those aspirations and innovations identified by industry and the City of Melton community during consultation processes.

Through these consultation processes we will be seeking to understand what key features people would like to see incorporated into new licensed venues . We’d also like to understand any design issues or inefficiencies that should be avoided.

The guidelines aim to provide more support and direction up front, enabling new Applicants to navigate their way through what’s expected from Council, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR), Policy and the Community when it comes to running a licensed premises within the City. This in turn is expected to streamline the process for businesses applying for a liquor licence and provide more clarity on decision making for alcohol service and supply in the community.

The first two sets of guidelines to be developed will focus on the assessment of Liquor Licences and Guidance for Retail and Service settings. Education, information and other supportive resources will be developed at a later date.