Project Background

The Active & Engaged Seniors Project is an initiative of Council that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of local people aged 55 years and over by providing greater opportunities and encouraging increased participation in a variety of age appropriate activities in the City of Melton.

Why Council are Completing this Project

The project is being undertaken as a response to a report by the Senior Commissioner for Victorians, ‘Ageing is Everyone’s Business’. The report found that seniors need more opportunities to join, attend and participate in clubs, groups, organisations and activities in the community.

What the Project Seeks to Understand

The project will look to understand the needs and aspirations of seniors’ lifestyle, personal safety, happiness and community wellbeing and how these may vary within each local community. It will also aim to recognise what makes a welcoming and age friendly environment for older people.

What is Proposed to Come Out of the Project

A pilot program of activities will be developed by Council and as such, Council would like to talk to local seniors to seek their input on the location, number and types of activities that would meet their needs.

Tell us What You Think

Consultation is currently closed.

Note: Amid the coronavirus crisis, face to face consultations have been delayed until it is deemed safe to conduct these sessions.