Project Background

Let us know which rural and former rural roads should be reviewed in the Rural, Interface and Growth Area Road Upgrade Strategy (RIGARUS). We are seeking feedback on matters such as unsealed or narrow roads, regular maintenance issues, missing footpaths and shared paths, missing bike paths and lanes, unsafe locations, poor lighting and flooding.

The roads being reviewed in this strategy include:

  • Rural Roads - Typically isolated roads with little to no through-traffic, surrounded by farmland properties.
  • Interface Roads - Still a rural environment but provides a connection to our growth and established areas, increasing traffic demand.
  • Growth Area Road - An existing road identified to be upgraded to an urban standard in a Precinct Structure Plan.

We have identified the roads open for feedback on the map below.

  • Orange lines are Rural roads
  • Purple lines are an interface road
  • Blue lines are Growth area roads

It does not include state and federal roads, upgrades for roads in established areas and road duplications.

We have identified existing conditions and are completing a technical analysis to identify improvement opportunities. We are reviewing pavement conditions, public lighting, drainage, pedestrian connections and cyclist connections based on the community need for each road category.

Your feedback will help Council identify where our residents believe improvement is needed for the rural and formerly rural roads identified for review in this strategy, and contribute to the priority of delivery.

Further information regarding the project can be found here: Mapbox Storytelling (

Please note: the above link and interactive map below work best on a laptop or computer screen.

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