About the Draft Melton Employment and Industrial Land Strategy

We want to ensure that the City of Melton has a sufficient future supply of commercial and industrial land to help our economy grow and provide employment opportunities for our rapidly growing community.

To help meet the future needs of the community, we have developed the Draft Melton Employment and Industrial Land Strategy.

This strategy sets the strategic vision, directions, and a framework to guide the long-term use and development of industrial and commercial land in the City of Melton. It also establishes employment precincts across the municipality to help guide future employment opportunities and land uses.

We want your feedback on the draft strategy. Your feedback will help us to inform the vision and objectives for our employment areas. It will also assist us with identifying emerging opportunities and aspirations for the those areas and let us know about any potential barriers.

If you are a developer, landowner or operating a business in our employment areas, please complete the business survey further down. There will be additional opportunities for stakeholders to share feedback on the draft strategy throughout the consultation process.

The consultation period for the draft Melton Employment and Industrial Land Strategy is now closed.

Council will now review the consultation findings and prepare the report. The report will be made publicly available on this website and submitters will be notified upon publication via the contact details provided during the consultation process.

For further inquiries or information, please contact Strategic Planning Team at 9747 7200 or citysupport@melton.vic.gov.au

Western Freeway Economic Corridor

The Economic Corridor connects our existing and future economic areas and activity centres along the Western Freeway and Melton train line. Direction 2 of the draft Strategy outlines the vision for the Economic Corridor and sets a pathway to creating job opportunities, industry growth, social development and access to services in one corridor network.

As the Corridor’s population will continue to grow, there is a unique opportunity to shape its future now.

We are seeking your feedback on the vision, directions and objectives for the Western Freeway Economic Corridor outlined in Direction 2 of the draft Strategy.

The draft Strategy encompasses 3 overarching directions

Overarching Directions

  • Facilitate Industrial Growth and Diversification

    Our rapidly growing industrial sector is a major community asset and employer. We aim to support the growth and diversification of CoM’s industrial sector.

  • Boost Local Employment Growth

    We have a unique opportunity to facilitate and nurture a range of thriving economic locations that will welcome over 250,000 new residents over the coming decades. We aim to harness the economic benefits of growth.

  • Prepare for Change

    In preparing for the future, we need to ensure our land use settings support innovation, new mobility technology, new energy infrastructure and a low emissions future.

Objectives for our Employment Precincts

1: Ensure the supply of industrial land.

2: Advocate for the delivery of the Western Intermodal Freight Precinct.

3: Optimise, protect and direct Industrial Industries.

4: Boost industrial employment, productivity, and amenity.

5: Facilitate a high productivity and highly integrated Western Freeway Economic Corridor.

6: Promote and support Melton’s unique workforce capability.

7: Foster commercial investment in the City’s activity centre network.

8: Ensure land use settings support innovation.

Inviting stakeholders to help us shape our employment precincts

We invited landowners, businesses and developers to provide additional input. It will help us to identify new land use opportunities or potential obstacles and contribute to our ongoing effort to shape the future of our employment precincts.

On Tuesday 13 February, Council held an online Industry Briefing to provide an overview of the draft Strategy and its key directions to businesses, landowners and developers of the industrial and commercial areas.

For those who were unable to attend the briefing, we have recorded the webinar and made it available, along with the presentation slides.

Industrial Land Use Framework

The draft Strategy introduces a municipality-wide Industrial Land Use Framework and a set of mapped employment Precinct Plans.

While the Western Freeway Economic Corridor sets a vision and highlights specific locations, the Industrial Land Use Framework and employment Precinct Plans represent commercial and industrial land throughout municipality, both within and beyond the Corridor.

Employment Precincts in the City of Melton

Five employment precincts have been identified and precinct-focused plans have been prepared to outline their future economic roles, long-term growth directions and key infrastructure needs.

  1. Southern Precinct
  2. Western Precinct
  3. Melton Township Precinct
  4. Northern Precinct
  5. Diggers Rest Precinct

Click on the precinct name above to load an image with details. Please refer to the draft strategy for more detailed information on each of these precincts.