We are undertaking work to identify projects and programs to improve Arnolds Creek. Through this project we hope to improve the environmental and community value of the creek. This builds on creek projects that were completed in 2020 between Bulmans Road and High Street, called the Reimagining Arnolds Creek project.

Project background

The Arnolds Creek - Coming Back to Life Project will identify a number of key projects and programs to improve the community and environmental values of the Arnolds Creek. The project is being led by Melton City Council in consultation with Melbourne Water. Each stage of the project will consult with the traditional owners of the land, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations, and the broader community.

The project will build on recent projects completed as part of the Reimagining Arnolds Creek project which delivered improvements to the creek in 2020 between Bulmans Road and High Street. You can read more about the previous Reimagining Arnolds Creek project .

The first stage of the project will prepare an assessment of the social and environmental values of Arnolds Creek. This will include community engagement to understand the social value of the creek, a technical ecological and waterway health assessment and a review of projects recently completed as part of the Reimagining Arnolds Creek project to understand what worked well and what could be improved.

Next steps will aim to identify and prioritise projects and programs that protect and improve the values of the creek identified in the first stage.

Have your say

Thank you to everyone who told us what they thought about the existing Arnolds Creek and the recently completed Reimagining Arnolds Creek project.

Your feedback will help us understand what is important about the creek and what projects and programs we should deliver on the creek.

Comments closed on Sunday 26 February.

About Arnolds Creek

Arnolds Creek flows almost entirely within Melton and provides a range of community and environmental benefits. It is located within the Werribee River catchment, a major river within the City of Melton and has been highly channelised.

The creek is a valuable wildlife corridor. According to field observations and data from the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas, Protected Matters Search tool and Birdlife Australia, there are 130 fauna species and 129 flora species are present or potentially present within Arnolds Creek. Fauna species including Woodland Birds such as the Noisy Miner (pictured) need trees and shrub cover found in Arnolds Creek.

Melton is one of the fastest growing populations in Greater Melbourne. Arnolds Creek provides the community access to open space and nature which will be increasingly important as it grows.

Your feedback will help us ensure the protection of Arnolds Creek's biodiversity and that everyone has access to nature and healthy waterways.